What is Feed Chunk App ? -

What is Feed Chunk App ?


Feed chunk app is an ancient piece of adware called Feed Chunk has recently started infecting Macs again. By extension, most adware programmes are browser hijackers, and the same is true in this instance. The infection can pose as a tool to improve web searches or as a brand-new digest utility to fool unwary people into installing it on their computers.
Once installed, it can generate a spoof device profile on the target machine that modifies your web browser settings, altering the default search engine in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or any other default browser to either feed.chunckapp.com or search.chunckapp.com.
Additionally, it modifies the new tab page in your browser and, in rare circumstances, even has the ability to extract and transmit back to Attackers.If you Are Also Hesitate To Feed Chunk app follow The Steps how to Remove feed Chunk App

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